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Guest tintslut

OK, did you by some chance just format your drive , Install a new drive , or

remove a partition from your hard drive.

THE bios resides on a partition on your hard drive, not on board like a desktop.

Without knowing the exact model, I can only point you to compaq's

support site. Look for a utility that will let you access the bios.

OR try this. I assume this is a LAPTOP your are talking about.

Remove all battery packs from the battery bay and MultiBay, if applicable.

Disconnect the AC power.

Remove the real-time clock battery.

Wait five minutes.

Reconnect the AC power.

Restart the computer. During Power-On Self Test (POST), a ?162 System Options not set? message may appears.

Shut down the computer, then disconnect AC power again.

Replace the real-time clock battery.

Install the battery pack(s).

Restart the computer and now press F10 after you see the Compaq logo. This time, you should be able to access the BIOS."

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