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:?  :lol6  :lol6 J/K Leo

I like it :gay :thumb:thumb

And now how it was. It was at some 1990... We working last days in one of military plants which make electronic - now all plants are sold here.. We were dealing with electronis equipment so

D - Different

A - Apparates

R - Radio

T - Technic

Z - was added later :thumb:thumb:thumb Buit Blade's idea much better :thumb :gay :hmmm:lol6

I will be happy see more ideas - thanXXX captain!!!

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do it your selfers, you don't allow them to install the film!

Sprinter, US Government trusted to my guyZZ more than 20 Embassies and Government houses in exCCCP and Eastern block countries + UK Government.... It was funny when we send all our receipts to US Government and think is it O.K. 500 cl of Vodka on one person on this receipts :lol6:thumb:lol6 So we can :gay and install... D.A.R.T.Z. In some objects we work under Your navy quidance :lol6 Our guys pass all inspections from US - only one had problems - he was in special navy forces ... But finally he was allowed to install too.. With US navy :thumb

Do You understand what I tried to say :gay :thumb ? Now I have to ask....I read that 50% of my posts in misunderstandable :thumb:thumb:thumb

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