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I went and had a few beers with my competition tonight. :lol He's a great guy. He's much more into PPF than tinting. (I'm much more into tinting than PPF) He called me earlier this week and asked about us having a beer together. There were no shots at each other and there was no animosity towards one another. We realized that we each did the same thing for a living and that we might get along with one another, even being only a few miles apart. It was a good time...he respects the laws... :lol uses good film (llullu) has a great family, and I think he and I will hang out alot more often!!! :spit

BTW...He didn't know about TintDude.com........HE DOES NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

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When I first arrived in Naples Florida (after divorce) I went around to many of the shops offering my services as an installer; freelance in a sense. Had a nice card so that any one of them could call metint if they had overflow they could not get to... I would be on call and come if I wasn't already committed.

Anyway, I built relations with the main players in the area and when I wound up buying one of them I freelanced for, I still carried the relations over into ownership. It's classic to see the look on their face when you walk in their shop and introduce yourself as their competitor down the road. :lol

Use to have lunch with 3-4 of my competitors regularly. It was way cool to get along and laugh over losing a bid to one another, etc. We never crossed the line in our discussions, though.

In 1995 it paid off when metint landed a 35,000sf contract as a one-man operation and given 10 weeks to complete the job. Called the comp, asked for help and got 2 to commit. Turned out one was asked to bid but backed out cause he saw metint was bidding and new I'd call him. He told metint one day on the job that he passed... didn't know what he would do as a one-man operation with that large a project and didn't care for the headache. :spit

Props to you Blade... I've always believed all could get along no matter the circumstances... and I have always said, 'I have no competition, only competitors.


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Guest Litespeeds

I think in general, there are alot of nice people in the world. Just because they are in the same profession as we are, we should not judge them before we get to know them.

One of my really good friends started off with me about 16 years ago but he was doing alarms and stereos. He had been in that field about 8 years before we shared the same shop. Anyway, I knew him because he installed an alarm system into my 1982 RX7 and one day a mutual friend told me that he wanted to learn some tricks of the trade for window tinting. I went to his garage and showed him what I knew but he stuck with what he did best and only did tinting on the side. Needless to say, about 6 years ago, he came over to the dark side permanently and has opened his own shop across the Bay from me. He is now doing 95% window tinting and only 5% alarms and stereo work.

We still do alot of things together like go to the SEMA show in Vegas.

Better to have allies within your business so when and if you ever need help, they are there for you. :thumb

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Metint why do you talk in 3rd? person?

Sometimes when the sentence calls for I, my or me, slipping in 'metint' for incorrect grammar or just to replace the me seems more fun.

And no doubt it may irritate those looking for grammar errors as they read... :thumb

Thanks for noticing. :drunk

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