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Id love to see Buddy Guy in a small club. Ive seen him several times with 1000s of people there. he was still great. One time I saw him in a large theater,I was on the second floor far away. he disapeared off the stage and into the crowd down below,still playing guitar.before I know it,he is on the second floor right behind me, he turns around and looked right at me with this wide eyed wild look wailing away on his polka dot strat.......I will never forget that moment... :rollin

im jealous OT....j/k

Yeah, he did that last night too, stopped right in front of us/me, grinned, and wailed about 4 bars before moving on. Cool stuff, and he was pumped because it was sooooo cold. Looking pretty sharp too in his purple pinstripe suit. :lol And man, his voice and guitar playing just get better every time I see him. He made up one song about the cold right on the spot, wipped the crowd into a frenzy. :rollin And yeah Titan, his club is very small.

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