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Saw them Sat night, just got around to writing anything about it. first of, the doors opened at 7 so we arrived at 5. the temp was 2 degrees F -8 with the wind. so were outside freezin our ballz off and I decide to call the local radio station. Rock 108 best radio station ever. FX you'd love em, nuttin but rock. 90% metal 10% of the passing crappy bands all in all good. Anyways...I called them up sayin how I was freezin my ass off and everything end of call. They had their truck sitting outside and had rock 108 on, of course. Two seconds later I hear myself on the radio, no big deal. I call back again bout 45 mins later once again saying how cold it is then I go "hold on a sec" Then I go to the crowd "Hey everybody its rock 108" And the crowd went crazy. few more odds and ends then I was on the radio again along with the crowd. Later in the concert we rocked out to Element 80, Ill nino, and sevendust :lol6 After the show we saw all of the rock 108 DJs sittin around chillin so we went to talk to them. The one guy I talked to goes "Awe man you're chris?? Kick ass, did ya warm up? You got anything goin on within the next hour? You should come backstage with us :shock " I was like...no fuking way. then I tried to play it off cool like "well I suppose I could..." Got back there and I was as giddy as a schoolgirl. the guys were all just sittin around. I felt like wayne off of waynes world with alice cooper. anyways Morgan from sevendust is the coolest guy in teh world, yes FX cooler than you :lol hes funny as hell too. Lajon, john, clint and vinnie were all cool. but if I had to pick one person to hang out with all day, it'd have to be morgan. He also writes most of their lyrics. Long story short, they decided to go to their bus and I was ready to head out after gettin my ticket signed. rock 108 says something about maybe gettin me a job since I handled myself so well :rollin:lol I'd pry just be their b***h which I wouldn't care but since I am in school it would be tough for me to do it. So anyways I said I'm still in school but I'll be your phone b***h :thumb Call me anytime you want, or whenever you need material. I don't care if its 3 AM. well sure as sh!t I got a call today at 3 AM saying what'd you think of sevendust. I said what I thought half awake then hung up, 330 phone rings once again Rock 108 the DJ goes "Ahh I just wanted to p1ss you off"

The End for now.

I'll keep updates on when they call me and what they say :lol6


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Guest TINTFXold

Ive seen SevenDust before, they were a younger band then, not as good then as they are getting to be now. This CD will be the make it or break it CD for them. If the tour flops, they'll fade. If it blows up, they'll grab some deserved attention :spit

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have you heard their new stuff yet FX?? It rocks.  everything just seems to flow.  they also slowed it down in a few songs too.  Pick it up, I think you'll like it

The new cd is alright, personally I like the second album the most. :booga

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