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RES/COM, yes...

DR 35 SR CDF: TSER 56%, VLT 36%, UV 99%, INT Ref 13%, EXT Ref 19%


DR 25 SR CDF: TSER 65%, VLT 22%, UV 99%, INT Ref 13%, EXT Ref 27%

are films constructed like some visionary night film made by a number letter company. The interior surface reflectance is lower than the exterior.

DL 05 GR SR CDF: VLT 6%, TSER 70%, UV 99%

is a limo equivalent for flat glass with an absorption rate at 61% .

PCR 20 BL SR CDF: TSER 68%, VLT 13%, UV 99%

is a blue film, which fills a niche market. It has the appearance of reflective blue glass.


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