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Hi all I am new to the forum, I have been doing some research on window films and found your great sight. Thought I would stop in and ask you knowledgeable fellows a few questions.

I just recently purchased a new to me house. It has heat mirror windows on the southern wall. One window gets condensation in it once in a wile. These are or were argon filled. Local window people say it can't be fixed. Then they state they are very expensive. I say why not fix. I have argon and I am sure good glue/silicone would fix the leak. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

I will be constructing a greenhouse shortly. I have a large pile of slider windows. I am thinking of removing the aluminum and making my own double pain low E argon filled windows out of them.

What would be a good brand of film to use? The regular low E windows in the house have a film on the inside of the outer pain, would this be the correct place to put a purchased low E film? I would want the tint very clear but let the least amount of heat out. I am in Canada.

Thank you for any help.


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Once a dual pane unit fails it's ruined as far as I know.

Why would you want low emisivity glass in a greehouse?


I grow orchids

I live in Alberta Canada

greenhouse is outside

In winter it can get down to -30C for days

Price of gas has almost doubled

I want to keep as much heat in as possible.

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Yeah, it's toast. And I have some of that argon filled crap on a couple windows in my house. Don't waste your time, it's useless. :lol As for keeping heat in, I doubt a low-e film would do enough. I DO know that my wife couldn't grow orchids for crap behind those argon filled worthless windows UNTILL I put film over them, then.... :lol orchids a bloomin. Don't know why, but it happened. :inot :lol

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I've seen orchids grow very well the North window in San Fran...

Thinking out loud or stating the obvious... :inot

A LowE will keep out more heat than it will keep in... this having already been said... and LowE films can (20% silver type) retain up to 35% man-made heat.... How to strike the right balance certainly is a good question.

Orchids do not like direct sun (and heat) to the extremes found in summer... they like cool to moderate, moist environs..... I believe someone has mentioned they filmed their windows with standard solar control and the orchid flourished.

Seems the LowE concept would certainly help in keeping the flowers from freezing and would also help keep them from burning from the summer sun coming through the glass...

It's a crap shoot as to how an increase in the retained heat level will impact the flowers... no one has tested this. Can only try it... but I'd put the LowE film on the #4 surface. This way if it is not the answer, it would be easier to remove. :lol


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Thanks for the replys guys. you are totally correct on the light requirments of orchids.

The thing is when the sun is max it does add a lot of heat to the greenhouse. Usually it has to be vented unless one is using a thermal mas to absorb the heat in the day and releasing it at night.

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This is a continuation of the last post my 2 year old just hit something and posted it.

Anywho, a loss in heat entering would not be a big issue. It is the night when the heat load is the greatest. This is wear the low E will help. A regular window double pain sealed is about R2 the regular low E argon filled in my house have R6 stamped on them, and the heat mirror have R6+. I think this would greatly affect heating costs during the dark,

Removing UV will help, plants don?t like it ether. There are allot of tint companies selling a low E film how god they are I don?t know there are numbers given for all the tests they have done but I really don't understand what they mean yet. I will have to do a little studying.

Thanks again for all of the input.


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