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Just had a customer who evacuated for hurricane Rita-bragging about the $2000 FEMA check-Red Cross check-food stamps-unemployment and all the free stuff he got at the shelter- he got his car tinted and bought a set of taillights for his Mustang! I asked-you got a place to stay?He said-Nah-I'll worry about that when they close the shelter! Why pay rent when you dont have to? I thought-What a jackass! ss

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Guest tint rookie

amazing..... there were bout five black dudes that worked at the carwash my shop was at. really cool guys. you could speak freely with em and could laugh at eachothers faults.

they totally agreed with me the day they were handing out the 2g atm cards..... how many cartons of KOOL cigarettes and 20's were bought that day.

so did you take the job?

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right on !!

not to mention a fat SSI check for every dependant that carries the sicle-cell gene

not the disease, mind you

just have the gene

and get paid out of Social Security


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