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Hello all tint friends. Been a while. Just like to say whats up and what not. Finally got another chance to post even though I have been lurking for some time for the past couple weeks. I'd just like to give y'all an update on my situation. Still workin for redbull and the futon shop and still going to school 12 hours per week (at least 30 hours study time per week though). The car is breaking down so I'm gettin a 2001 subaru Impreza 2.5 RS and looking forward to modding it and whatnot. I have although hung up my squeegee. Too much time and effort to do a tint job these days...customers aren't happy so I have to go back home again (1.5 hour drive) and with the price of gas it isn't even worth it. Also I just got burnt out of tinting...people always trying to haggle with you to get a deal and people being unsatisfied with their tint and high schoolers wanting fader tint...so I just decided to say "fuk it". so now I'm straight redbull and futon...and a lil poker here and there when I get a chance. In october I'm goin out to philly and DC to visit a friend and my sister. It should be a good time. School is goin alright you could say...had 3 tests today and 2 went well 1 went bad (but I think the whole class did poorly from the sound of their grunts). I'm learning all the fun aspects of photoshop due to my technology class. I've got a badass pic of me spitting fire that I will add with this post. Also about 1.5 weeks ago we had a party to raise funds for hurricane katrina and we managed to raise 800 bux to send to the red cross which is nice (we took no profit...we actually took a loss so we could send more). so anyways that about covers my update and I'll still be checkin in periodically.

nice to see everybody again



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great to see everybody again although a few are missing...like FX and SandS. But ya the site looks great and there are a lot of new faces. Doing my flame trick on the boardwalk would be alright but it would get @#$% after a while cuz the everclear just kills your mouth (like listerine times eleventy billion). As for slipknot...I talked to sid for probably 1 minute tops...he's...meh alright. He didn't seem interested to talk to me then when the show was over he hurried up and ran off, didn't even hang out. All he played was top 40 stuff too...so the redbull party went awesome but he was a disappointment.

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