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Who is Suntek films?? Interesting that they are in the same city as CP films.


Suntek is the brand name film produced by Commonwealth Coating and Laminating located on the other side of the tracks in Martinsville. They were once a small player in the DIY film side of the industry until CPF's head of DIY ::lol:: resigned several years back and went to work for CW.

Investors and Govt subsidy were sought and 'BAM' they're now producing 'professional' film for sale.

Of the sixty or so employees at CW... maybe 10% are former employees of CPF (no lab rats). I am sure their goal is to grow to the point of adding additional equipment to keep pace with visioned demand.

They're capability is the same as Johnson Window Film, simply coating (adhesive and SR) and laminating components bought elsewhere into label film product. Although, CW secured financing for a state of the art coating and laminating machine it now operates with, this machine is the only similarity between a CPF and a CW produced product.

Hope this helps...

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Suntek is a great film both automotive and residential been using it for years with no problems. They have excellent customer service and pricing. It's too bad that other " professional " film manufacturer rep stooges like metint don't have anything better to do than to use this site as a soapbox to bash every other company except the one they work for ( which I don't need to name he makes it blatenly obvious ). I guess he doesn't have any better way to pawn his film off, I feel sorry for him. When a rep resorts to giving out missinformation to tinters and especially the general public who may not know any better it is bad for the entire industry. Congratulations metint you have done it once again. Good sales tactics there buddy.

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