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We just had the owner of @@@@@@@@ and our Llumar rep at our store all day to talk about the problems we have been having with Llumar's automotive line, and were so offended and irritated by the @@@@@@@@ guy, that it took everything we had not to throw him outta the shop.

That guy is a complete moron. Not only could he not answer the questions we had, but actually tried to "teach" my crew how to tint! :lol6 (Each of us has had 16+ years tinting)

Then,......THEN, he tried to sell us a film plotter! What a jackoff.

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what the hell is @@@@@@@@?


thanks for the warm welcome ....

@@@@@@@@@@ ......they are a tint shop outta Arkansas. They also have a tinting school....Might be an ok place if not for the jerkoff that owns it.

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so you just felt like coming here and bashing them?  great posts to start out with.  :evilgrin  welcome to the board


NO ...I was kinda upset with the whole thing....im sure you would have been also. Maybe your just a better person than I am....

Like I said.....might be an ok place if it werent for the owner..

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