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Window tint - Rayno Platinum Air7090 or Panorama Ceramic 35%?

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I am looking to install solar window tint on my windows. The primary consideration is that we need the film to reflect as little as possible and does not change the color of the window, while of course rejecting as much heat as possible.


Given that criteria, what would be better - Rayno Platinum Air7090, or Panorama Ceramic 35%?


Trying to understand and compare the specs is not easy!

Thanks all.

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Rayno wins.


It is lighter at 70% visible light transmission and maintains visible light reflectance factor matching glass itself (7-8%). TSER is the parameter that truly tells the films capacity to screen solar energy that contacts the glass. Rayno has a lower TSER compared to Panorama*.


Panorama 35 has a lower visible light transmission making it darker and more obvious, not to mention its visible light reflectance is15%. The human eye begins discerning reflectance at 11-12%. It's TSER is higher, but the film will absolutely be noticeable*.


*Note: There is always a trade off when using solar control window film products. Simply put; you can't have cake and eat too, when it comes to physics. Or, you cannot have invisible and higher solar energy rejection.

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