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'22-'24 BMW 2 series coupe-squeak issue


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After tint is completed on this car, the windows squeak loudly when in motion up or down.

The inner sweep/molding is very tight at the tall end of the window and this is where the noise comes from.

We've dicovered that the squeak goes away when it dries however it will occur again after it rains or a car wash.

I don't know of any solution other than removing the tint. I will no longer tint this car which is a shame because

it's an easy car to tint. At very least, discuss this with your customer prior to tinting and get them to agree to live with it.

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We did a couple of new M2s and M240i but did not have that issue. I would get a bottle of  Plexus Plastic Cleaner. It is like a polish for the window film that makes it super smooth feeling. It might eliminate the noise due to the reduced friction.


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I came across this and wanted to share what I found to help those going forward. I have a 2023 M2 and got ceramic tint on my windows a couple of weeks ago. Same issue as OP, when windows are dry, all is good. When windows are wet, they squeal like crazy. I brought it back to the shop where I initially had it done for a possible seal adjustment and this is what happened. They showed me the inside of the window compartment which is extremely tight. What happens is when the felt liner in the compartment gets wet, it swells up, making it even tighter with the tint on it which is why it squeals. The only solution from what they told me is to remove the tint or you just have to live with it since extra space is just not there to make the seal wider. 


Btw any other alternatives to Plexus cause it seems to be out of stock pretty much everywhere. 

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On 11/10/2023 at 10:05 PM, DynamicATL said:

Plexus Plastic Cleaner.


Detailing Nerd Here. I have 2 cans on my shelf - haven't touched them in years....i

If I'm reading this right, micro-macro polish the inside of the film ?

Is the scratch coat on it *that* durable. I've had tint scratched and replaced over the years


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I've always approached the -inside portion- of the tint like walking on glass. 

Have have multiple retints done throughout the years. Rear hatch scratches from just being a utility trunk. Sides replaced due to scratches from #@! fingers, etc.


Even currently, when I clean the interior glass, I take the compressor, blow out the crevice clean before I clean the glass...


You Pro's make it sound like the scratchcoat/hardcoat, whatever you want to call it on the inside of the tint film is a bit more durable than I think it is.

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