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The shop i'm at recently got into the tinting world and I need help dialing in my Graphtec FC9000 settings! I cut all our tint from patterns in core, and another person installs it. Needing some help! My installer doesn't like how the tint peels. He said he wants it to take him 5-10 seconds to peel the tint and he's taking 15-20 because it feels like the material is catching. It's not a completely fluid peel.


Using a 30 degree blade. Blade Depth at 2. Force bounces between 11-14 depending on dullness of blade. Speed 10-15. 

ALSO my installer wants the window patterns to cut completely through the backing paper vs kiss cut. I have experience with plotting vinyl and i NEVER cut through the backing paper. Is that something tinters do?? I've attempted to cut through the material and it usually ends in a disaster. 

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Kiss cutting is the only way to get the patterns off the machine. The liner has to stay in tact for the rollers to advance the material. You might want to try a Clean Cut brand 25* blade.


If you are mostly getting a good cut currently, try to rotate the knob on the holder by just a hair. Literally just nudge it and cut a few 2" ovals the width of the film and see if it lifts any better.


I've posted in a few other threads some good info on how to dial in these machines if you look around. Good luck, it should be pretty simple once you get the hang of it.

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