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26 year professional tinter looking to merge

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Hi guys I am a 26 year professional window tinter who recently had some employee issues and have down sized to myself, I am capable of doing 8 to 10 vehicles a day and more depending on the job, I have had enough of these employees and have decided I would love to bring my skills (5-star) service to an existing shop that is busy or a dealership or glass shop or any other business looking to merge with a 26 year professional capable of bringing in $500k + a year in income I would prefer to be in a snow free close to a beach environment all year around(it’s a must) I am the only income provider in my family so I mean business, and I’m very professional I have a small business now recently lost employees due to issues so I am solo now you may reach me at 219-218-1815 Michael Priestas

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