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Window Tint Help!

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Hi all,


I had my windows tinted on my 23 Acura TLX 3 months ago.  The window tinter I used sucked, and now I'm having an issue.  The tint on my rear back door window has about an inch section at the top of the tint (in the middle of the window) where the tint isn't lying down.  If I push and hold it, it lays down flat, but it doesn't want to "stick".  It is Xpel window film.  Is there anything that I can do to get it to stick (short of retinting it)?  The tinter that I used is not local (I had it done before I moved), so I'd like to get it to just hold as this is a leased car anyway.  


Would applying heat to that part of the tint get it to restick?  Is there any easy-to-apply tint adhesive or anything?


Thanks all!

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