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Useful or Useless to Tint Rear C/D Glass

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Just having one of those pondering moments.

If SUB comes factory dyed glass - fairly dark (easily 20%)


Is there any benefit tinting the Back or the sides of the Rear C/D Pillar Glass ?

High Performance tint doesn't really do anything for a parked car / heat soaked.

It does show it's benefits when the car is moving, as it can -shed- the heat soaked on the glass.


Would you say when doing a SUV, just doing -all glass- is pretty common or the Rear Windows being discussed, whole part of -all glass-, is there real world benefits to this ?




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Privacy and more shatter resistance are the main benefits that I can see, unless the car is moving.


I get alot of people wanting 70% over the rear to not change the darkness too much and then matching the front to the rear using a meter.

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Interesting you mention shatter resistance. I'm waiting for the day to happen - our PANO sunroof - more than a few owners has had them shatter. I'm not sure if the variable is just too large glass (flex), or maybe from conditioned space into a much hotter space, or simply it was road debris ....but it is strange that more than a handful when I read  shattered sunroofs on -all platforms-...


Anyhow, I did our Sunroof in 50%. Mainly to get a bit of glare down, and some heat with the known variable the it can get somewhat more -heat soaked- but the 50% spec did have a lower performance and did let some heat past the film. Anyhow, the pro is if the sunroof shatters, the film should hold it...which would mean less or minimizing damage to the interior . I guess it doesn't matter cause in my readings on those with shattered sunroofs (often still under warranty and less than 10K on the clusters, etc). 85% is always road debris or the like, and the 15% base dealers cover it under warranty

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definitely, yes, SUV will get heat soaked parked at the mall. you get into car drop all the windows let the heat out, roll them up drive away and car will cool faster and stay cool while driving. SUV parked in garage, you pull it out, without tint it starts heating up immediately, with the back section being tinted, it stays cool while driving to your location. IF you were in a boat would you want a large hole, or a small hole? Water will always leak in, we are just reducing the speed. With the added benefit of holding the broken glass together, UV blockage, privacy.

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