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PPF bubbles advice

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Hi. I have ppf in my f31 door jambs.  There are some bubbles after 3 weeks since it was put on. I live in norway so temperature has probably been averaging around 7-8c for those 3 weeks, car is parked in cold well vented garage.


I was thinking of popping the big ones with a insulin needle. But since im new to this, I'd rather ask people with more experience before I start doing anything.


Does anyone think these will vaporate by themselves through summer or should I go ahead with the needle?  

Im not worried about air bubbles, but water bubbles and the fear of rustspots is what will keep me up at night... 






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None of those are going to go away as the PPF dries. I has already dried and when water under the PPF dries it leave air pockets in it's place. I hate to say it but you've got way to many problems with this install to fix it. We all had to learn lessons when we started installing PPF. This is a though lesson but I'd be pulling that PPF off and starting over. The last picture has so much dirt under the PPF that it's not salvageable. I have a YouTube channel dedicated to teaching installers from beginners to advanced. Feel free to take a look and you'll definitely find some helpful information. 👍

Here is a great video that goes over the whole process of installing PPF from start to finish. Feel free to check out the other videos. 


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Thank you for your help! 


I did not do this myself, so im thinking complaining to the guy who did and maybe get it redone.


Do you know if air bubbles can damage anything or if they just look bad? I dont mind them as they are inside the doors so cant see them most of the time, as long as they dont damage the paint...

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