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Hello old TD fam,


It's been many years since I 've done anything window tint related and I just started a new job as a department manager of a graphics/wrap shop.  Day 3 I've been asked by the CEO to have our East & West facing garage bay windows tinted with a mirror tint to keep prying eyes out, and more importantly, to keep the heat out from the Colorado sun.  There are 12 windows on each garage bay door; 3 rows & 4 columns, each window measuring approximately 36" wide x 21" tall.  We have 20+ garage doors.  My question to you is, what window film would be recommended for my type of situation?



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I would have some questions as well. 

-What type of glass? (IG, single pane)

-How important is natural light to the space and it’s workings during daylight hours?

-Is there any visibility concerns looking outward/inward into the nighttime hours?

-What does the CEO expect the exterior to look like post tinting?

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Single pane glass

Natural light is always nice to have for the techs to work in and not just having to rely on the ceiling lights, so I was leaning more towards a 40-50%. Visibility is not a big concern at night as our fab team only operates 1 shift and they leave at 2:30p.

More importantly is the fact that during the day here in Colorado, the sun really heats up the garage and were banking on the tint on the windows to help reduce the heat and at times of the day, the blinding reflections from the sun coming in and hitting a piece of metal/tool box. It's a giant building that with garage bays on both the East and West side of the building. Approximately 10 bays that we pull semi's in one side and can drive them all the way through the other side.

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33 minutes ago, Tint Eastwood said:

I’d lean towards a Dual Reflective 35 or 25. Could go with a Silver 20 to squeeze out a little more heat rejection. I prefer the look of the DRs though.

When you say Dual Reflective, is that reflective looking out as well? or does the reference of Dual Reflective pertain to the Heat/Sun from just the outside?

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No, it means it will have reduced reflectivity on the inside looking out. A silver film will have pretty much the same reflectivity on the interior & exterior whereas a DR film is roughly half as reflective on the interior surface as it is on the exterior.


Basically it is opposite of what the name suggests :lol 

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I think we're going to go with Avery DR Optitune 15i.  Interior and Exterior options just applies to which side of the window it's installed on? Or is there a different difference?

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