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Is this a smart start?

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Right now I work 55+ at a bread plant and gosh don't I hate my job I work everyday and the schedule changes daily. I always wanted to learn how to tint so I eventually looked into it and since I have a passion for cars I was like what's not to like about touching cars every day. Anyway I started looking into building to rent I found one it's more like a storage building but it's just a row of one door and one bay entrance buildings all connected together. I found it for 350 a month no contract just month to month. I think it's good because that's how much I pay a month for my car and it will be paid for next week. I was thinking about renting it and posting ads on Craigslist to see if I could get people to let me practice on their car. What do you guys think? I did a couple of cars they came out alright. If someone can teach me how to post pics here I will. If someone can tell me if this will be good for it would be great. Btw I use express window films.

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First thing first. Don't quit your job yet. From my experience I believe that if you do about 10 to 20 darts or 200s and 10 to 20 chargers you will get really good really fast. If you can afford it. I would go to Stans training. I always recommend him because of how well I am doing in less than 6 months. You also gotta have some kind of customer service background. Knowing alot of people helps too.

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I never pulled a door panel before. Every now and then me and this shop owner talks he told me he haven't pulled one in awhile. Just a few hours ago he told me I can come in his shop and learn a little bit for a price of course but imma do it.

I wouldn't pay "the price of a course" to learn a little bit.

IMO at 55+ this is the wrong business to start into unless you can quickly build a business and have some good employees. The physical part of this job is not for the older. I am 45 and was just thinking it is time to consider a different career that I can work past 60. Crawling in and out of the back seats of cars sucks.

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He's the been voted best around here for awhile now and when he said 200 for 4 days I jumped on because what I seen online is tint schools charging 1000s just for 5 days of learning. With me not knowing too much and with 200 is what I spend on food and random stuff every month i was like why not. I really want to see what the customers really look for in a tint job. Back when I did this Chrysler 300 the lady asked me how many years I been doing tinting and I told her I practiced on my mom car right before hers and she busted out laughing. I told her I just been watching YouTube videos and actually use a pen and paper and take notes.

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