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electric blinds distributor

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I'm unsure of any local wholesalers in your area, however there are a lot of places on the web where you can custom order the blinds at a discounted rate.


If you're willing to wait for shipping, Aliexpress would be a great option. 




Here's another well-known distributor based in Canada: http://www.wholesaleblindfactory.com/

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Hi there I don’t know any local wholesalers in your area, but you can get them online . You can shop for a great range of electric blinds online from different stores. They provide a wide range of innovative window blinds  that are both beautiful and practical, offering the ideal solution for any situation. 

Here are some online store where you can buy electric blinds.

1) Somfy: 

2) Controliss Blinds: 

3) Royal Blinds:

4)  Orlando Blinds: 



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