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When you are not tinting...

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I found myself that when not poking around cars I still use my tools. I use my heat gun as a hair dryer and to dry things (shaved and spilled water on your shirt, and gotta be out now? heat dry it!), old squeeges as window 'wipes', blades for just about anything that needs cutting, spray bottles make great style accessories for my hair, and have many cleaning uses... tint liner as a couter cover when I cook and dont want to wipe grease away. some more too that I can't reccal right now.

anyone else does that?

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Isn't the heat gun something like 900 degrees?? :thumb I've always been suspicious of using the liiners for other things since they're sometimes residually sticky from the glue, but the squeegees do make good windows cleaners!

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Guest Litespeeds

Not the most intellegent of things to do. Why would anyone use a heatgun to dry their hair is beyond me. Maybe there is no hair for the heat to shrivel up. :evileye

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I posted this topic awhile back on the board before the old board.

Someone came up with the ingenious idea of using a heatgun to warm up pizza.


Make sense to me? :rollin

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