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Guest naughtydog

Does anybody have a copy of a document that they fill in before a tint job that maybe lists key points on the vehicle you have inspected prior to installation that you get the customer to sign once they are satisfied with the finished installtion.

I'm sure some of you must do this and just wanted a heads-up before I reinvent the wheel



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I've gone back and forth on this topic myself and can tell you from my own personal experience that some things are better left undone.

Pre-tint vehicle inspection and post tint inspection forms or walkarounds seem to serve only two purposes: Invitations for damage liability and and welcome mats for picky customers.

Problems and praise seem to be handled and taken better when unrehearsed.

What do I know? I just stare at 'em mean till they pay me and go away.


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Guest thetintshop

squeeg is right. no reason to give them an invitation to start pickin. I'm nice while they're there, nice when the come to pick it up. as soon as I'm done telling them all the bs, I want my money and for them to get the hell out. they can pick it at home or in the ditch down the road.

to help them along, I leave the car running when I pull it out. :welcome nice way of saying, "be on your way".

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Guest Litespeeds

Best thing to do is casually walk around the car to do a quick inspection. Might also look at the windows that are going to be tinted to see if there are any scratches or broken defrost lines. Don't let the customer know that you are looking for imperfections and just point out what you see. Also check door panels to make sure there are no damages.

Sometimes you will be opening up a can of worms if you do a check list before and after because if you miss something that they catch, they are going to blame you 100%.

Most customers are pretty good about imperfections with their vehicles but if you get a person who is @nal about his baby, then you had better do a thorough once over while he/she is there.

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