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gonna go for it!! no choice now!!!

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today I went to my normal day job as usual (engineering) and just before I was about to start packing up for the day I was asked into the office for a 'small chat'! in the office was the personnel manager and my supervisor! they then went on to explain that due to re organisation my job is now redundant! this sux bad! the real reason is that I tint in all the spare time I have and dont do their overtime ( the reason I learned to tint is because they pay so lousy overtime money) seems odd that I'm the only one getting laid off??? now my part time tinting business is going to be full time! it's went from a hobby to a living in one big step!! lucky I'm the only tinter in this area!!! (there is a grafix place that does it using the cheapest film imaginable so I dont count them!) this is do or die now! I'm just lucky that this area isnt saturated with tinters like the states or I'd be in trouble! well here goes! I'm gonna give it my all!!! I'm sitting here very apprehensive about the future!! totally looking forward to my holiday tho,leaving bonny scotland in 10 weeks to go to the sunshine state for 2 weeks, I'll pray this is the start of something good for me!!

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