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where can i find orange colored film?

Guest besttintdsm

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Guest Bluefeather

:passout Try Sunguard for colored films. The only bummer about these films is that they are not scratch resistant. Madico carries the amber film and is scatch resistant, and they also carry a few other colors that are a little more suttle than Sunguards colored films. They are more for tintinting autos as upposed to doing graphics. And you can always laminate one film on top of the other and mix and match to create other colors and of you want to brighten them up, you can add 20% silver behind whatever color you are using to make it really stand out and this will also make it scratch resistant, I've been toying with window tinting graphics before anyone ever heard of doing such a thing and have tryed many different ways of doing so since 1981. Hope this helps you out a little bit. :passout


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