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last week I had to travel out of town to one of the logging companys that I sale my timber too. Along the way home I stopped by this lake to shake the dew off my lilly. Now, mind you, I NEVER stop at this little area, this was a freak occurence. Im standing there, giving back to mother nature, and I look over to my left where a white garbage back lay in the grass, about 20 yards from the road side.

I dont really give it any thought and jump back in the truck to take off............. until I fired up the engine. All of a sudden I hear a loud whine. I think, no way, it couldnt be......... it was....... I looked over to see a puppy trying to free itself from the garbage bag that was tide up as tight as it could be.

I jumped out of the truck, ran over to the bag and had to puncture the bag just to open it. I barely even got a hole startef before this little German Sheppard/Collie mix puppy busts out and takes a big ole NUMBER 2 before he even gets 4 paws on the ground.

I think I was more upset about the situation than he was. He was the most adorable thing. I was completely furious, as you can imagine. Good thing is the puppy had not been there for very long. I would say no more than 30 minutes to an hour. He wasnt even cold to the touch. I wish I'd have caught the sotty mthr fkr dumping that poor pup, I would have poleaxed and gum bumped that fkr up and down that rural hwy.

Did I mention the rope tide around the puppys neck. Yeah, I know, I was very pissed.

My niece wanted to keep him, and I got to name him. I named him Timber. He has been with me everytime I go to the woods since I saved him. Im glad my niece wanted him as I already have pets, otherwise I would have had to keep him until I found a home for him.

Damn, its the smallest things that can make a man feel so proud sometimes.

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