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Tinting increases value of home??

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well it is hard to say that it would increase the value but it would increase the appeal for it will make your house more energy efficiant. And with the UV protection. Also some manu's offer a transferable warranty so that might increase the value. Just depends on how the home owner that is selling the house sells the film that is on it to the possible buyer.

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I don't think it adds to the price of the home.

However, it will add the selling value of the home. We sold out house in April, took five weeks. Most houses my size took at least 90 to 120 days to sell.

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I had someone ask me today if having your home tinted would increase the value of it.... I said probably not, but I wasn't sure. Never had anyone ask that before....

Would it?


No. No. No.

Like any tuning don't increase SALES VALUE of car, same home tinting will never increase SALES VALUE of property. Three components which influent on property price.

1. Location

2. Location

3. Location


Location is something very essential in real estate business. Location is unique and interacts with all kind of physical and mental characteristics in the neighborhood. Location is continuum of all kind of positive and negative things happening in the vicinity of real property. Changes in the environment may cause discontinuities. Something new emerges or something old is removed. Politics, taxation, planning, expectations for future may change the behavior of the individuals participating real estate market.


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