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Ahh, sometime costumers drive me crazy!

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I have a lexus gs 400(rear glass sucks) at my shop that I'm about to start. But before a do so I call the guy just to make sure he wants 15% and not 35.

Now the dude what me to give him batter deal!!! :finger:

I ALLREADY TOOK OFF SOME $$ FROM THE START, the guy is a friend of a friend. My first mistake

My reply was "if I'm not getting enough for the job I can't spend much time on it, and It may not come out the way it should"

He reply was "you don't have to be like that"

Me thinking like what? WTF is wrong with people? They want you to work for free!

I'm ready to tell the dude to come get his car, cuz I know it's gonna be a nightmare!

BTW he was 2 hours late for his appt.

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Guest scottstinting

I can understand that ,A very few times in 18 yrs ive turned down a couple cause the customer seemed like he was gonna be a nightmare and people who dont show up on saturdays really ticks me of.like I really wanna commit my weekends anyway .Then the have the nerve to call up again and ask for a saturday and ill tell them im all booked up or aint gonna be in the shop. Dam People

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