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I had a long day. that's my excuse.

tomorrow I'm just going to chill. I scheduled myself a day off. I had really bad wednesdays for a couple weeks in a row a little while back. it hasn't been so bad lately, but two weeks ago it was right in the middle of a bad string of wednesdays... and since I'm scheduling two weeks out I decided that I wasn't going to schedule anything on a wednesday. strange logic, I know.

and this week rolls around and suprise! I have an empty wednesday!

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Flammable Liquid

* Do not use this product for flaming dishes or drinks.

* All 151 Proof rum may flare up and continue to burn when ignited, possibly with an invisible flame.

* Do not pour directly from bottle near the flame or intense heat.

* Do not remove or puncture the flame arrester in top of the bottle.

* Removing the flame arrester may cause the content of the bottle to become ignited and intense flaming will occur.

LOL. Intense Flaming!!!

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