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Native American Window Tinter Seeking Employment

Guest Bluefeather

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Guest Bluefeather

My Name is Louis. I am a window tinter and I first started tinting windows in 1977, in Huntington Bch., Ca. and over the years have pretty much touched all aspects of the industry. This includes the application of automotive, marine, residential and commercial solar films,as well as safety, frost, blackout, and various other designer films. And as far as to my knowledge, was one of the very first people to stretch the boundaries of conventional window tinting and introduced ( and successfully marketed) "window tinting graphics" for show vehicles, auto magazines and business showrooom window advertisement. I am also well experienced in training, management, marketing, sales and estimation for window tinting and poccess excellent communication skills with the public.I've also pretty much used just about every brand of film on the the market over the years and am versatile, and two of my personal preferences are Solar Guard and Huper Optik In the past I have worked for both high end and production shops and prefer to work for a company with an emphasis on quality over quantity. Currently I am residing in Redding, Ca. and unfortunately got laid off durimg the slow winter seasonand am looking to relocate. I have found myself in the same predicament during the last several seasons and am currently seeking a full time, year round job with a company that is large and established enough to hold on to their productive employees.

So if you should find yourself seeking a hard working, punctual, Dr*g free employee, I would appreciate it if you could please email me. Thank you for your time and I hope to here from you in the near future. Louis

Ps- My Resume' Attached............



>Louis Maresca,

>24443 Old Eureka Way,

>Redding, Ca. 96001




>Objective: Seeking a responsible and stable position, utilizing the 27+

>years of experience acquired in the window tinting industry, with an

>opportunity for growth and development.




>Tommy's Window Tinting- Portland, Or.

>Auto Tinter 2002 to Present


>Better Energy Ideas -Upland Ca.

>Commercial Tinter 2000 to 2002


>Air-1 Communications- Santa Ana, Ca.

>Comm./Res./Auto Tinter 1998 to 2000


>Tint Connection- Costa Mesa, Ca.

>Comm./Auto Head Tinter 1989 to 1998


>Berringer -Stanton, Ca.

>Auto Tinter 1988 to 1989


>U.S.A. #1 Window Tinting -Huntington Beach, Ca.

>Comm./Res./Auto Tinter 1987 to 1988


>Sun Masters -Santa Ana, Ca.

>Comm./Res. Tinter 1986 to 1987


>California Glass Tinting -Garden Grove, Ca.

>Auto Tinter 1984 to 1986


>Desi's Accessories -Huntington Beach, Ca.

>Auto Tinter 1983 to 1984


>Sta-Kool Products -Huntington Beach, Ca.

>Comm./Resid./Auto Tinter 1977 to 1983


>Education: Golden West College Huntington Beach, Ca.



>References: Available upon request


Ps- attached are some samples of my work


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