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2/3 of summer passed

Summer results  

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Guest tintdawg

So far a slow summer. probably a good thing because my wife and I had our first baby, and he's a handful. Got alot accomplished though. Decided to make this my last year making everyone else money.

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Guest a1wintinter
:rollin:poke It's pretty great! Got away from the jerk I was working for and started my own business. Now I have a couple of big accounts and building more as the weeks go by!
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Very ordinary ski season Leo in our Alpine part of the country.

We had it quite mild in the cities with 4 frosts so far with one yesterday.

Dying for rain Leo....all around Oz we are still in desperate drought and when summer arrives we are going to be in big trouble....climate change.

Fuel hike (petrol) has killed any disposable income available for things considered to be of a luxury item like window tinting.

A very big downturn right across the country. Anyone saying that they've had a good business through winter is BSing. :lol2

The news tonight predicted fuel to go to about $1.80 a litre (that's about $1.20 USA ) from a $1.31 where it is now in the next few weeks.

Due to the corroded pipeline in Alaska being shut down reducing US availability by 8%.

Lucky for us downunder we are coming into peak season now for the next 7 months or so and not like you comrades entering off season.

Flat glass has been stronger than auto for sure.

Devil :DD

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