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Madico Advanced Ceramics

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Been looking forward to installing some of this since checking the film out last month in Lake Tahoe. (Great chatting with ya, Eric :eyebrows )

Well, it finally showed up last week and have had a chance to install some the past few days. First thing I did was to get rid of the old, sour looking film that was installed on the shop vehicle around 6 years ago, and put on the MAC 3000 on the back and the MAC 6000 on the d&P side windows. (A big thanks to Geoff at Shadow Designs in Kelowna. Finally someone providing quality installations in the Okanagan Valley!) I love the look of it. Slightly reflective, and a beautiful, neutral look from the inside. Supposedly it went on pretty decent. Its not thick like the HO. Taking some time to dry, but its been rainy here. Here's a pic.


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Guest vclimber
Been looking forward to installing some of this since checking the film out last month in Lake Tahoe.  (Great chatting with ya, Eric :klingon )



Yeah I enjoyed talkin to you too. Next time we'll go skiing! Glad you like the film. :klingon

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For the flat jobs, its a bit harder to install as it only comes in PS adhesive for now. Slightly thinner than the SS select films. The adhesive seems a bit more fragile. You want to make sure the window is totally wet before throwing it on. Overall it went on fine after getting used to PS again.

As far as the looks go, I love it. Really neutral, super crisp clairity. I'm not sure what the "high deffinition" tag line is about, but I know compared to others (even the Select) the optical clairity is very clear, very neutral. From the inside looking out, if you are looking at a white reflection like a white couch, there is a bit of a pinkish look to the reflection, similar to some of the low e coatings.

Looks great from the outside, low reflectivity.

Going to be a popular film :eyebrows

This is a side by side comparison of the 3000 and plain glass


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Guest Tint Centre

Good to see you have started into the Mac films... How is the transition from Huper to the Mac going over with your customers? Are you offering both or just going to stick with the Mac line-up. I am opening a second location in North Vancouver in July to service the North, west Vancouver and Downtown areas. Do you have any good input for me on these areas? Did you find the Mac 3000 a little shiny in appearance to the huper 30? Have a great day, and maybe I will stop by the valley on my way out to Vancouver for a visit in July!

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Hey TC,

I really wasn't doing a whole lot of HO, mostly Select, so the addition of the MAC works perfectly for the way I'm set up. The MAC is slightly more reflective, 2% according to the spec(3000), but looking at the two, its immpossible to see a visual difference.

North Van?! Ideal spot. After the forest fires burn my shop and house down in 03 I went down there to work for few months. After that it was either come back here and start again or head over to N. Van. You'll have to give me a ring on your way through.

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Guest Tint Centre

Hey Alive thanks for the Heads up on N Van. I think it will be a great move. When you went there in 03 did you just get work on your own? Or did you sub from another established company? And what is your business name in the Valley? And number? Do you have a website? Have a great day!

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Guest powerr95

Wow, seems like the films are similar but if thats the case why are the specs so far apart.


big difference bw the manufacturers specs and distributors


here are huper's


just thought the people on the bandwagon should know.

I guess there is a difference between "high definition" and patented Huper products.

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