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1998 Camaro Headlights

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Greetings from Lake Greenwood in Beautiful South Carolina.

I have just finished reading all of the posts to date. I purchased a "Lens Renew" kit for my daughter's 1998 Camaro. Her plastic headlight covers were bad. Lens Renew requires that you use a drill. Their kit comes with attachments for the drill, sanding disc, polishing disc, etc. Their product worked great. I am considering starting another business specializing in headlight restoration. I am currently in the asphalt business.

The problem I had on my daughter's car was the protruding nipples (don't know what else to call them). Of course these protrusions were in the worst possible areas to get around, I.e., directly adjacent to the body of the car. When wet sanding by hand (1st step) with a pliable sponge, it was difficult to apply enough pressure in these hard to reach areas to make a real difference. Of course, using the drill attachments in these areas was out of the question, because I could have scratched the finish of her car. If I decide to do this commercially, I'm pretty sure that my customers would not be satisfied with the appearance of the areas I had a hard time with, although barely noticeable, except to a perfectionist like me. My daughter was very pleased and can actually see at night again.

I don't know how many cars are out there with this particular issue. My question is: Is there a product, utensil, whatever, that is designed to get into hard to reach areas?

My second question is: Which is better, restoring without sanding or with sanding? After doing some research I have read that sanding, period, will actually damage the lens. There are products available that do not require sanding which the manufacturer claims is better for the lens. Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks, Chuck :rollin

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