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Customer "slump"

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We've had posts B4 about being in a tinting slump and how everyone experiences it once in a while... I'm tinting well these days, but for the first time ever, I've hit a "customer relations" slump It seems like whenever I pick up my phone, I'm being bombarded by asshats with the same asshat questions ...you know:

"Can you do any better than that price"

" does your tint bubble and peel"

" why is it extra because there's tint on it already "

" I stripped it myself and got most of the glue off the back window..but you still want to charge me more"


It's starting to affect me negatively to the point where I've just shut my phone off and am returning calls to people that leave a message only and if I sense an asshat..I have to wait till I'm calm ,cool and collected to deal with them" .

I've always prided myself wit hbeing good on the phone..but lately I'm feeling I'm doing more harm than good for customer perception of the biz

I hope this goes away ...I'd hate to think that this is what it's come to for my after doing this job for so long ...any of you tint lifers gotten to this point?

Thanks for this room for the vent :beer

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Okay, since I posted this 30 min ago, I've had 2 more asshat quotes :

The classic : "You want how much to do my 92 bonniville!! You only charged me 1/2 that for my Ranger (no slider or vents) :beer

And another "I'll remove the film for you".

From now on , when someone says "they will remove the film for me"..I'm going to reply : If you bring your car in for a paintjob and you need body work done, feel free do do your own bondo work and sanding,prepping to save some $$$ but rest assured I won't do any extra steps on your behalf ..you get what you get :lol

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This job would be great if it wasn't for the customers. Sounds like you need a secretary Brad. :lol


:beer ..however, I guess I want my cake and eat it too..I like the simplicity of being the sole proprietor..but there's definitely a downside in the Spring/summer...for the most part I can handle things , but about 3 months of the yr , I'm overworked ..I'm doing 12-15 hr days for the last 3 weeks, enough is enough and I'm going to start turning down more work 9working out of home, I don't have the option for expanding anyways and my shop size won't allow for it..I don't think it's worth rolling the dice and renting a shop with all the overhead that will come from it...it'll just be a trade off ..the work I won't turn down going into extra bills and employment..in this climate up here, it's a tricky business to stay in because the seasons will kill you if you have too much overhead ..no one hardly wants tint when it's -12 F :lol

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Every once in a while, just pick one and tell him to go fk himself...It really works! :gasp  :lol2


I did this to a customer for the first time in a LONG time yesterday ...picky, fussy,arrogant, over articulate prick...by the time I got around to asking what kind of car he had :lol I already knew the answer (true story)


:beer (except for Exact oh) :lol

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