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LEO find KLING ON secret

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Find it in inetrnet, in one of forums:


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just out of curiosity chingon, what kind of tint do u use?



Mainly Llumar, some ArmorGard. Been trying out Sun-X and DARTZFILMZ. Some of the stuff DARTZFILMZ has is just out there...

Ah...the dot matrix...heh. Many people have different ways of dealing with the dot matrix. Most people just chose to vinyl, which is the easiet. I've painted it with some success. Wet Sanding it before installing tint has been working good for me. Some other tinters I know are using clear glue to make the tint stick. The most common way I knew at first was to let the tint dry and then go back with a hardcard and push the tint against the dot matrix. It is a touchy area.



:evilgrin What does that mean????

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Chingon: One who?s worthy of imitation.

Usage: TINT fue un Mexicano bien chingon.

Translation: TINT was a badass Mexican.



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