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Rear doors - how do you yours?.

Guest naughtydog

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Guest naughtydog

I am now tinting most cars with the panels on and I am enjoying the results.

However....On vehicles like the BMW X5 I pull out the rub rail - who does'nt.

I always seem to struggle with these rear doors, a high window that is also square. !!

I tape of the felt and when approaching the door, put my leading edge in, unlike a front door where you can drop the leading edge down into the door at a bit of an angle and the bring the trailing edge in to hit the clean glass, you cant seem to do this on the rear door , so I can sometimes end up with a couple of little creases that need to be heated up at the sides or I am concentrating on the front edge and the trailing edge will lick the divider bar between the quarter glass and I may end up with a few specks.

What methods do you employ on the square windows where you dont pull the panel off but remove the rub rail.??

I find that I have to get the leading edge in and the feed the film so it is sitting on top of the divider rail betweeen the quarter light and the door glass, get the film down enough to allow me to slide the leading edge further in , and then slide the film back to equal out the positioning.

Does anybody try to create a small tube in the middle , hit the glass and push left and right to position the film?

Can anybody talk me through their tried and tested approach.

Thanks guys


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Just a quick two cents here, after you tape and before you peel the liner on the "clean" squegee of the glass take your conquer or angled hard card and run it down the side from top to bottom and follow the squegee with some slip. Spray the heck out of it so there is slip on the tape and the glass. Now when you lead in with the film the gasket and glass allow it to slide. Also soap the papas as well it just makes it that much more slippery!

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Guest perfectint

I use the tunnel method witch works pretty good with a really good cleaning job. the rub rail can be tucked down with ease and will pop back up after first roll down without scratching. use your hard card to tuck it down.

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