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Boyfriend blames the tinter

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So, a customer of mine yesterday came back today showing me some mysterious damage to the hatch window of her CRX. She said her boyfriend borrowed the car to go play hockey, and when he brought the car back he said to her " did you even look at the tint when you picked up your car yesterday?" She said she told him of course, and then he took her outside to look at her car. She brought it back and I looked at it for her.

"Something" had rubbed the window hard enough to put a large hole type tear in the lower hatch window. I assured her that it did not leave my shop that way, that's for dang sure. The funny thing is that a large hockey bag, with a hockey stick sticking out of the bag was in the back. HMMMMM. I wonder what could of damaged the tint? There was also a fingerprint smudged all around the hole, like someone was trying to lay it down. Hmmmm, again. :)

I suggested she ask her boyfriend what he did. :)

The worst part is that she was obviously embarassed by the boyfriend making her come back to me, and relaying the message that he said it was my fault.

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had that happen to me one time...tinted her car..and she had on of those metal licenses in her back deck...when I tinted the window I left it on the back of her seat ..she come back a day or so later..nice cut in the back window...my boss at the time calles me out to take a look at it..and I see the plate up in the back window...I pull it out and told her this is what did it..and if you want it redo,,your going to have to pay...she wasnt happy...either was her mom that she deside to bring for help...I no way..I didnt do it..im not redoing for nothing..sorry

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I tell people about the film... scratch resistant, not scratch proof.  I warn them about anything touching the glass, especially while driving.  My limited warranty has provisions for people that think the stuff is invincible.


true...so true

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