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It started yesterday. Girl calls for the price on a strip and retitn backglass on a 95 cutlass supreme 4dr. boss gives her the price.

Fast forward to 8 a.m today, she calls back and wants to bring the car in and get the backglass tinted, all the sudden now it doesnt have tint on it. Boss tells her to bring it...they call back and ask if they can bring it at 9:30 and request that it be dont by 12 because "she has to go out of town and that she is not from here". :thumbdown WEEELLLl 10:30 rolls around and they finally show :nope she has her own JOHNSON TINT and not even enough to do it :lol2 they have already wasted half our morning with their BS. By this time I tell them I cant have it done by 12 adndthey decide to just leave :lol

Now to the real story.....These aholes were from another tintshop in town and they couldnt tint the backglass, the tinter is a female, the one that was dropping the car off and acting stupid. She was not going out of town she simply had the car promised at 12 to the customer and was trying to find somebody to tint the backglass because she couldnt do it, she wasted our whole morning fvcking around, when she finally showed up, she gave some bullshvit excuse that she had been driving around for 45 minutes looking for our shop :bat she was really doing a flatgalss job come to find out. Not only was she lying to us she was gonna try and pass of my work as her own to their customer.

I found this out later in the day from another tinter friend of mine that they called and asked him to do it, they fessed up to him what the deal was because they were desperate at that time.

Its funny, my tinter friend came over and said "man I just had hell tinting a cutlass" :shock I said "was it white?" :lol6 then I told them what they did to us and he told me what they told him and what the real story was :lol

bunch of little stereo shop tint fags :lol6 cant handle their business, this guy advertises 1 piece backglass in his yellow page add also :jerkit man how embarassing :thumb

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everyone copy this page and tape it to the door at bessbyez

You will hear this again soon,

at a big-box retailer near you


throw them beeyotches all the terds

they will cry their way out of the biz :lol6

or learn some skillz :lol6

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