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Need 3M Oslo info

Guest Mayor of Tint Town

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Guest Mayor of Tint Town

What does the 3M fasara "Oslo" film look like? I've got a rather large (300 sq ft) job that has Oslo or a like product spec'd. Looking for the closest like product. Madico has a new linen looking designer film would that be close?? Any suggestions.

Da Mayor :beach

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Make your own Oslo SH2EM OS.

It looks like contamination under clear film.

Throw dirt all over the window and boom!

I tried to take a picture of it for you and it just won't turn out. It just looks blurry.

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fasara films have TEXTURE .

Get a line card , or call peter at solyx and ask him what he has that is comparable.

A picture isnt going to show the details of the film. If an architect has spec'd this product,

it is certain that submittals will be required before application is approved.

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looks like clear frost to me  :lol


Have the same idea. And I think this is true.

Like told my mathematic professor in high school:

There are TWO WAYS how to foolish people.

1. ONE thing name with TWO names.

2. TWO things name with ONE name.

WHITE MATTE, CLEAR FROST, LEXAN, NATURAL MATTE this is small part of MATTE film names...

In my sample book it's called DARTZ.BEYOND.The.ICE :lol

3M =3M, no comments about..

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