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Injured again


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was cleaning a window to day and was scraping behind the chairrail and my arm hit the chairrail and I droped the scraper and it hit my knee. Looked down and had a 3 inch wide 2 inch hole in my knee that was close to 3/4 an inch and all I saw was white. The damn thing didnt bleed for about 2 minutes then it was just minimal bleeding.

Went to the hospital and got 6 stiches in my knee and a tetnis shot in the arm and man my arm is more sore then my knee. But man it looked nasty, it was the shape of an eye () the other way though.

I was kneeling down and my knee was bent so there was tension on my skin and when it hit it sliced open quite easily.

So know I have to hobble around for the rest of the week. get the stiches out in 2 weeks.

My wrist and my knee should be healed right about the same time.

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Guest tint rookie

damn dude, ouch!!!

I woulda went for the crazy glue, though.

you sound more like something the shape of an eye, but the other way though.

just f'ing with ya.

how long are tet shots good for now?

give the man a purple heart for christ's sake.

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they said 10 years but with a cut that deep 5 years.

Yea the dood I was working with got annoyed cause I had to leave to go get stiches. Never once said you ok or showed any sign of worry or care just got annoyed cause I had to leave. Im sure its cause I missed about a week and a half from when I fractured my wrist but damn dood, not like I did the sh|t on purpose. Hell my doctor told me not to work for 2 weeks when I fractured my wrist and I went back 4 days later.

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yea if I had been wearing pants it wouldnt have cut my knee. Guess thats why osha makes you wear jeans on the job site. it wouldnt have cut me if I was wearing jeans, but damn its hot as he|| here and bending down and getting up all day in jeans sucks.

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