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Your papers please

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They have them here in California too, I had to drive thru one. They had jackbooted, 20 year old, steroid heads manning it.

I was pulled over without probable cause and was told I had to show my papers to pass.

These stupid frigging cops have no idea what our country is about, (or used to be about).

They hire stupid thugs to be cops. These guys might as well be a pack of stray dogs, not thinking for themselves, just operating in a pack mentality and if you show any fear, they attack.

Meanwhile the borders are WIDE OPEN and american citizens are treated as criminals.

20 feet from the checkpoint were many !llegal aliens lining up for work, but the cops CAN'T even touch them.

Sorry to rant, I could go on and on about this stuff. I'll shut up now.

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here in san diego the highway patrol are stting up portable smog machines on the side of the road and pulling people over to smog there cars on the spot. even if you have a 50 start carb excempt exhaust system...sorry you need to make an appoitment with the state referee and see what they say about it. most people get a tune up and stuff before they go to their regular scheduled smog but even if you fail by .00001 your screwed because you need to go see the state referee which will cost you about 50 to 100 bucks. another way for the goverment to make money :ohcrap

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