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Englishman in Australia

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Guest responsegraphics

I have a company here in Australia, all we do is vehicle wrapping. Its taken 3 years to get a good customer base.

They were and still are painting graphics onto new vehicles here...

The average cost of a wrap from us is $5500 AUSD which is about 2000 english squids.

However we only use 3M Scotchprint.

I was in the UK earlier this year, and tried to get some of this material from 3M, and they wanted 180 pounds per linear metre, I can ship this from Australia cheaper to the UK than you guys can buy it.

You can offer a 7 year warranty on this also, there is no other material available that fit so easily and quickly.

GO have a look at www .response-graphics.com, all the vehicles on the site are 3M warrantied, and take on average 6 hours to fit by myself...

That VWS rubbish, and Grafiwrap stuff is appaling material.

Get the good stuff, put pressure on 3M to drop the prices in the UK, and start making proper money.

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Guest responsegraphics
how long did it take you to become good at this?? it is something I have been looking into



I'm still learning...but a good vinyl applicator with common sense and a bit of balls will be able to do it.

Material choice is the big thing. Cheaper materials are offset against labour time, and having to go back for failures.

What people don't realise is that the solvents in the inks actually deteriorate the film onto which they are printed. Low solvent machines like the Seiko 64S etc... don't give enough life for anyhting other than a promo wrap.

If you want to do the job properly, you have to use a toner based machine like a Scotchprint 2000.

William Smiths, Halo Grapics, VGL, SSDM and a few other big players in the UK use these machines. Anything that has to have a warranty comes from these machines, nothing else compares.

I used to use solvent print onto 3M, and used to have about a 30% failure rate in the deep grooves, even with an adhesive enhancer. With Scotchprint, I have had 2 minor failures int he last 3 years, both of which have been stripped and re-done at the cost of 3M. Effectively I have been paid twice for the job.

The downside is that solvent print costs about $75 AUSD, compared to $175 AUSD per linear metre.

But quality counts, and you are only as good as your last job.

All our work is via referral...and we are booked solid for the next couple of months.

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Guest nascent

Response Graphics, you work is impressive.

I agree with you, that it is worthwhile picking descent media and a good solvent printer. We mostly use airflow or controlTac. Both are fantastic, and I highly recommend them both for vehicle signage. We use true solvent printer.

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